-The SoakingPot-

Our Philosophy

-Infusion Spa-


At THE SOAKINGPOT we love to help our guests RELAX and spend quality time TOGETHER.

Our philosophy is to relax the whole body from the inside out using botanical infusions. From herbal bathing, to lavish social bath houses and tea time, cultures throughout the world have been “taking the waters” to cure what ails for thousands of years. The SoakingPot brings these soothing social rituals together, with a modern twist.

It is said that the feet mirror the body, corresponding to different organs and systems. In our custom foot soaks, we use different salt blends to try and replicate the waters of natural hot springs which are high in minerals. These minerals are believed to have healing properties when absorbed by the skin. While we don’t claim to have magical healing waters, we do know that an occasional soak infused with the finest salts, herbs, florals and essential oils can go a long way to relaxing sore muscles and calming a busy mind.

Nothing gives permission to relax like a soothing cup of tea. There is an unspoken reassurance that occurs at tea time, from selecting the perfect tea, preparing the cup, patiently waiting while it steeps, and taking that first soothing sip. We have partnered with some of the finest tea artisans to offer you some of the most deliciously satisfying teas.

To infuse deeper relaxation and ease muscle tension, you can add a head-neck-shoulder massage, lower leg & foot or lower arm and hand massage to enjoy while you soak & sip.

All that just by taking off your shoes and socks!


Ready for a relaxing moment?