Iron Goddess of Mercy

Iron Goddess of Mercy is a smooth, crisp, velvety, oolong tea with medium caffeine content. This storied tea was grown on China’s high hilltops amongst fresh streams and cool, crisp air. Tender leaves are gently basket tossed immediately after harvesting to rupture the cells for semi-oxidization. Increased steeping time and temperature will draw a distinctively new flavor with each steeping. Enjoy!

Iron Goddess of Mercy or Ti Kuan Yin, is named after the Chinese goddess of mercy, Kuan Yin – believed to be the female Bodhisattva of Compassion.

One legend of its origin goes something like this; A poor young farmer came across a rundown temple and inside of it sat an iron statue of Kuan Yin. Consumed with love in his heart, this farmer felt the compulsion to clean it and rebuild it, despite his lack of financial means. As a reward for his selfless efforts, the Bodhisattva presented him with a small tea plant in a cave outside of the temple, which he then cultivated into a lush, green bush. He shared this healthy and vibrant reward, which he named “Ti Kuan Yin”, with his community, enriching their lives along with his own. Word of this miracle quickly spread and as its popularity grew, so did this farmer’s abundance and good fortune. To this day, Iron Goddess of Mercy is still one of the most revered oolongs with its smooth and slightly floral flavor and aroma.

Big Red Robe or Da Hong Pao is one of the most prized oolong varietals and was rumored to be a favorite of President Nixon. This mountain grown beauty dates back to the Song Dynasty and has long wiry leaves. It delivers a unique woodsy flavor that transforms on the palate with each flavorful steep.

Source: Art of Tea

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