It’s More Than Just Soaking Your Feet

From the moment you enter The SoakingPot Infusion Spa™, an indulgence of the senses greets you. Aromatic blends of essential oils and organic botanicals float through the air. The sound of ocean waves, birds and soothing instrumentals play softly throughout the spa. The SoakingPot experience has only just begun.

Warm and friendly staff welcome you as if you’re a guest in their own home. Whether you seek balance, calming, soothing or invigorating, the knowledgeable staff help guide you to selecting the perfect Soak, tea and other add-ons.

You’re then taken to your own private room where the rest of the world starts to fade away as you settle into a comfy, oversized chair. As your eyes adjust to the dim light and your ears to the soft whispers, more layers of the days “Doing” melt off your shoulders.

With great anticipation your Soak arrives in a beautiful, deep, handmade copper pot. The very moment your toes touch the warm water you soften completely and release an almost involuntary sigh of relief and contentment…… “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”  

Now, for the next 30 or 60 minutes you relax into yourself while you soak your feet, sip some tea and relax. Your whole body has permission to just be for a moment.

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!”-Mae West

It’s more than just soaking your feet! The SoakingPot experience is not only a great way to destress, visit with loved ones, relax and unwind but it is also very therapeutic. Guests often say they feel like royalty while at The SoakingPot and they leave feeling completely renewed.

What’s so important about feet?

Here are some fun and interesting facts about feet:

  • There are over 7,000 nerves in your feet. Your circulatory and lymphatic systems can become sluggish from stress, tension, poorly fitted shoes and bad posture. When blood flow or lymphatic circulation is hindered, it makes it difficult for various areas of the foot to fight infection, defend against germs and remove toxins. This build up of toxins can cause issues such as ulcers, cellulitis and athlete’s foot. Foot soaks, reflexology and foot massage are helpful to improve circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing process.
  • You can detox through your feet. We tend to build up toxins in the body through sedentary lifestyles, the processed food we eat, the air we breathe and sometimes even the water we drink. This can cause ailments such as bloating, fluid retention, puffiness, fatigue and inflammation. Your body sends harmful substances to the feet and legs where they collect and build up over time. Because the feet have over 7,000 nerve endings AND the largest pores of the body, soaking your feet using sea salts and other natural ingredients designed to draw out toxins is a great way to cleanse your body from harmful substances.
  • Did you know you can absorb nutrients through your feet? If we have all of these nerve endings and large pores that we detox through then it must work the other way, right? Well, it does! We are able to absorb nutrients through the epidermis (the skin layer) of our feet. Many foot soaks incorporate healing ingredients from nature such as mineral salts like epsom salts and sea salts. Some of our salts are infused with activated charcoals and clay for added detox benefits and contain valuable minerals and other nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. These minerals can help aid in restful sleep, ease muscle tension and stiffness, reduce headaches, heal foot and skin infections, increase energy and stamina, reduce inflammation in all parts of the body, reduce cramping, ease depression and so much more!
  • Symbolism of feet in religion. Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism all have documented references to the sacredness of feet. A traditional Eastern host may greet, bow and kiss his guest followed by an offering to wash the feet, which is also often referred to in the Bible. In Chinese Medicine, they consider your feet a reflection of your internal health and refer to the feet as “the second heart”. On the flip side, the feet are often viewed as the “lowliest” and “dirtiest” part of the body, and in some cultures they practice taking off the shoes before entering a sacred space. A symbolism of leaving our materialistic side at the door before entering.
  • Feet in yoga and nature. As Louise Hayes states in her book, “Heal Your Body A-Z”, The foot represents our understanding of ourselves, of life and others. Foot issues have been know to be linked to emotional baggage. In Yogic studies, we discover that the foot is actually one of the Chakra Centers (energy points) of the body. It is here that we discover that the foot is viewed as the foundation for the ”temple of the body.” All underlying misalignment begins at the feet. Not only do the feet allow direct contact with the energy grids of the Earth (the practice of walking on the earth barefoot to find stability and peace and to “return home” is known as Earthing), but they also symbolize our ability to manifest our life purpose and retain the memories and lessons of previous lifetimes. The right foot symbolizes all the accumulated energies as the result of a dominance, power and the struggle for influence. The left foot stores feminine energy such as nurturing, playfulness and encouragement.

Your feet literally carry you through everything in life. Isn’t it time to give them the attention they deserve? Why not begin by adding therapeutic self-care into your routine! It’s as easy as slipping off your shoes and dipping your toes into the therapeutic waters provided at The SoakingPot.

“We hope to see you soon!” -The SoakingPot Staff




10 thoughts on “It’s More Than Just Soaking Your Feet

  1. James Anderson says:

    It sure is nice to know that one benefit of a foot spa is that it allows one to draw out toxins and cleanse the body from harmful substances. I usually feel heavy whenever I get home from a hard day’s work, and this may be due to stress from the demands of work and physical requirement for standing hours on end. Knowing these benefits, I’ll get a foot massage right away so that I can get rid of these uncomfortable feelings and feel refreshed again.

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