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Art of Tea Samples

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Not sure what flavor you'll like? Try them all!

Green PomegranateSip this sweet, tart Green Pomegranate tea blend on the go in an eco-friendly, biodegradable teabag. With fresh and tangy flavor notes, this organic blend is the perfect pick-me-up. Medium Caffeine
Rose BlackA delectable medley with an enticing floral aroma. Rose Black combines loose leaf black tea with smooth notes of rose and a bright finish in an eco-friendly, biodegradable teabag. Rose Black is delicious hot or cold brewed and poured over ice. The perfect sip for any time of day. Medium Caffeine
Dark Chocolate PeppermintA smooth and decadent minty chocolate teabag. Steep Dark Chocolate Peppermint anywhere you travel with our eco-friendly, biodegradable teabag sachet. This product contains tree nuts (cashews). Medium Caffeine
Mint GreenSip this handcrafted Mint Green tea in an eco-friendly, biodegradable teabag. These grassy, smooth mint tea bags are perfect for any time of day or after a heavy meal. Medium Caffeine
Earl Grey CremeTry this Earl Grey Crème tea blend in eco-friendly, biodegradable teabag sachets. Enjoy citrus, silky, and full-bodied flavor notes anywhere in the world. Medium Caffeine
Matcha+Matcha+ tea combines various green tea varietals to brew an ultra-vibrant cup. Organic ceremonial grade matcha is delicately hand blended with organic high-grade Sencha green tea leaves to create this energizing blend. Enjoy Matcha+ on the go with our eco-friendly teabag sachet packaging that is 100% microplastic-free. Medium Caffeine
French Lemon GingerA spicy, citrus blend. Sip these French Lemon Ginger teabags any time of day... take this soothing, organic medley anywhere you please. Caffeine Free
English BreakfastStart your day anywhere with the smooth and malty English Breakfast teabag. Biodegradable and eco-friendly, these organic English Breakfast teabags brew sweet and woodsy with a clean finish. Medium Caffeine
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