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*FULL* Storybook Hour #1: Storybook Picnic Reservation Ticket *FULL*

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This reservation is for one child (ages 3 to 10) for our Storybook Picnic on June 29th from 10AM to11:30AM. For multiple tickets, please add tickets individually so we have important info needed for each child.

This event does not include any spa services and we ask that you stay in the building for the duration of the event. We can accommodate up to 24 children (ages 3 to 10) and we have comfy seating in the spa for 14 adults and more in the lobby.

Storybook Picnic includes:
- A fun take-home craft project
- Interactive group activity
- Snack and beverage (for child and guardian)
- Storybook reading
- Optional socializing or quiet(er) time for you!

Please bring a fun summer hat or sunglasses for your child/children.

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