The SoakingPot Soak Pass

For a limited time, SAVE when you buy a Soak Pass!
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If you or someone you know is a frequent Soaker, or soon to be one, our Soak Pass™ options are a great way to SAVE money*!

We have three Soak Pass options*:

Black Soak Pass: Includes a total of 8 Soaks and beverage. You can share this Pass with up to three other people in your group.
Green Soak Pass: Includes a total of 4 Soaks and beverage. This Soak Pass is not shareable.
White Soak Pass: Includes a total of 3 Soaks. This Soak Pass does not include beverage and is not shareable.

Commit to relax more and SAVE*!

*Limited time offer. Prices subject to change. These Soak Pass™ options do not expire. Soak Passes have no cash value. Prices do not include gratuity. The savings value is based on number of Soaks included and assumes a $35 standard Soak and beverage.

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